Monday, December 29, 2003

OK, Bullshit

Remember this hue and cry from the Left side of the political aisle? There is no evidence - none! - that Saddam Hussein had anything to do with the attacks on 9/11! Our friends in the press and the so-called "Liberal" think tanks were aghast that so many Americans had such a notion and were clearly convinced that anyone who held such a position was a dimwit and shouldn't be allowed to breed. After all, there was (and remains) no evidence of such a connection and any suspicion that there was is merely a "Conservative" conspiracy to drum up support for the actions in Iraq. Such suspicion was merely wishful thinking and the sign of weak reasoning and mental capacity. If there's no evidence of it, then believing it anyway is sheer idiocy.

Oh, but about that thing where Saddam Hussein wasn't really captured as reported, but rather that he'd been in our custody for some time and, only when the President needed a quick hit in the polls, was suddenly "produced", well that's almost a certainty. Sure, there's zero evidence of such a thing, but hey the suspicion is there and that means it's not only plausible but it's pretty likely.

Crap. Be paranoid about something like this and then look down their noses at people who think maybe there's some connection between groups that would love to kill several thousand of us in our sleep? Stuff it. I've read all kinds of blogs on the subject and absolutely none of them can offer a single piece of evidence to support such a thing. Innuendo, baseless gossip, general dislike for the administration and wild accusations are all they propose and that doesn't prove a thing. So I will simply think of them what they've thought of others who proceeded to believe other proofless items and call it a day.