Saturday, January 17, 2004

Hamas tells their true goals

To be honest, when I read the story I tried very hard not to think too much of it. But the words of the leader of Hamas Mahmoud Zahar won't go away. Speaking in praise of the woman who blew herself up this past week in another Palestinian suicide bomber attack, he said:

"She is not going to be the last (attacker) because the march of resistance will continue until the Islamic flag is raised, not only over the minarets of Jerusalem, but over the whole universe," Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said.

(Emphasis mine, by the way.) If there's been any doubt at all, any attempt by apologists and American sympathizers to think that Hamas has any intention whatsoever of being a peaceful neighbor if only they are allowed their own State, this man's words should be all you need to refute them. There's no interpretive wiggle room here, folks. This guy sees any place and any people not flying the "Islamic flag" as a target. He clearly has no issue with continuing these tactics far beyond their alleged goal of a soverign Palestine. They don't even have that and already they're serving notice to the rest of us who choose to have different beliefs that we're next.

If these tactics are allowed to be effective, they will be repeated. Why waste money and time on armies and weapons or even diplomats and debate? Pick your next target, fire up some young folks who clearly don't get that they're being sent in only because their leaders can talk sacrifice but can't give over themselves and fire in the hole!. (And if their cause is so just and the sacrifice so proper, why isn't Mr. Zahar stapping 10 kilos of C4 to his ass and walking into a crowded restaurant?) They will keep coming and they'll keep finding idiot kids who believe them enough to blow themselves apart.

The Palestinian government should pay attention and start speaking up about comments like this. When the US becomes convinced that Hamas is the one calling the shots and the Palestinian govenment can't do squat about it, then my vote is to put them into the same category as the Taleban. A group harboring and aiding terrorists. They should be treated as the Taleban were and shown the same fate.