Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Virginia Abortion BanDeclared Unconstitutional

As expected, a federal Judge has ruled that Virginia's abortion ban is unconstitutional for exactly the same reason that the same law was ruled unconstitutional in Nebraska. When Virginia lawmakers were putting this one together I was one of several hundred people who wrote in telling them they were wasting their time. The law as proposed had no exception for the health of the mother and that was precisely the point that shot down the Nebraska law. The court ruled - correctly, I believe - that the law prioritized the health of a non-viable fetus over the mother, which was an unacceptable trade-off. In the face of that ruling, Virginia's General Assembly went right ahead and passed the same thing. Lo and behold, it got overturned the same way.

Whoda thunk? (Damn, doesn't that sound like a great name for a blog? Hmmmm....)

I feel better about being in Virginia today knowing that law is in the trash can where it belongs.