Saturday, December 11, 2004

10-year-old Arrested For Bringing Scissors To School

And now, from the brain-dead-school-officials department, there's this.

:::::::: A 10-year-old girl was placed in handcuffs and taken to a police station because she took a pair of scissors to her elementary school.

School district officials said the fourth-grade student did not threaten anyone with the 8-inch shears, but violated a rule that considers scissors to be potential weapons.

Administrators said they were following state law when they called police Thursday, and police said they were following department rules when they handcuffed Porsche Brown (search) and took her away in a patrol wagon.

Police officers decided the girl hadn't committed a crime and let her go.

However, school officials suspended her for five days. Administrators will decide at a hearing whether she may return to class, or be expelled to a special disciplinary school.

Ludicrous. And the education system wonders why the public thinks they suck at their jobs. I'll hold back a bit of my contempt until I can find out what state law these administrators were supposed to have been following that sees a little girl doing a perp walk because she's got a piece of standard office desk gear with her. If the law reads like they're implying it does, someone in the PA legislature needs to do a little tune-up amendment.