Sunday, December 26, 2004

Broadband, Sweet Broadband...

Ahhhhhhh, the relief. The laptop completes bootup and establishes the link to the household wireless, reporting a good link at 36 Mb. Interesting, but the real statistic is the speed report of the link that router is sitting on: 512K up/ 720K down. Blogs appear in their entirety within seconds of the request. The e-mail application reports all messages downloaded - even after being away from home for a week - in less than 7 seconds. Both the O/S, anti-virus, and the spyware killer software download updates simultaneously while I click from 1 web page to the other, not even noticing the drag on the bandwidth.

Broadband. Ain't nuthin' like it.

What? Beg Pardon? Who - me? Of course not. I can quit this high-speed linkup at any time. I'm in complete control. Honest. Really.

Doctor's note: subject left eye twitch, reported in last update, increased 60% during this post. Continued observation recommended.