Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Ohio Recount Complete: Bush Wins Ohio

The recount requested by Greens and Libertarians for the Ohio election results has confirmed that President Bush won the State of Ohio by over 118,000 votes. The State's Electoral College votes have already been cast earlier this month with all 20 casting for Bush. With Ohio now confirmed, the election is over.

::::::::TOLEDO, Ohio - Election officials finished the presidential recount in Ohio on Tuesday, with the final tally shaving about 300 votes off President Bush (news - web sites)'s six-figure margin of victory in the state that gave him a second term.

The recount shows Bush winning Ohio by 118,457 votes over John Kerry (news - web sites), according to unofficial results provided to The Associated Press by the 88 counties. Lucas County, home to Toledo, was the last to finish counting.

Officals from the 2 parties who requested the recount and from the Kerry campaign all said they just wanted to make sure every valid vote was counted. Right. Interesting that they took no such interest in States where Kerry won by far shorter margins. While the situation is now a closed matter, there's this little item to think about:

:::::::: The Green and Libertarian party presidential candidates asked for the recount and raised the $113,600 required under state law for the process.

Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell has estimated that the recount will end up costing taxpayers $1.5 million.

The fee for a recount is - get this - $10 per precinct to be counted. Ten bucks. You don't even need the accountants to know that hauling in election boards to perform this task costs more than that, by a longshot. So now the taxpayers of Ohio, who are already not in the best shape financially, get to cover the $1.38 million in costs that the laughably low recount fee didn't handle. Wonder how many teachers and firefighters that would've paid for?

Enough, already. It's time to accept the results and get on with some important work. If election validity and making sure that "every valid vote cast is counted" is your particular passion, that's great. Do something about it. Suggest real proposals to fix what ails the system and be prepared to work at it. And don't just complain about it around the water cooler, write your reps and let them know you've got ideas. Maybe they don't listen as well as they could, but if you never write them to let them know, whose fault is it that they don't do what you want?