Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Tsunami Coverage Updated

Like most of the people on the planet, I have watched in rather helpless sadness the reports of the tsnamis hitting the shores of 10 or so Southeast Asian countries. I have friends here with family in India, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. My sympathies have gone to them all as they strive to find out what has happened to members of their families. So many others in the blogosphere have been providing better coverage of the news than I could hope to, so let me direct you there.

Powerline and The Belmont Club are providing several items on their pages. I'll let you scroll down their sites to find them all rather than link to a specific story. There's also several amateur videos beginning to come in. Jordan Golson has at least 3 of them and more will be coming in.

If anything specific comes up, I'll provide update. Consider giving support, if you can, via the Red Cross or some other relief agency you prefer.

Update: - I see that USAID has a list of relief organizations working the area. You can also donate to the Red Cross via Amazon.com by clicking here.