Monday, February 07, 2005

Easongate Begins Operation

To act as a clearinghouse for information about what is being called "Eason's Fables", a new blog is in town. Easongate is also serving as a pressure point to try to get some semblance of jouralistic integrity out of CNN.

::::::::The Easongate blog has been created in light of Eason Jordan's recent statements at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he accused American servicemen of intentionally targeting and killing journalists in Iraq. These are serious charges that should not have been made without supporting evidence, which he did not provide. American servicemen and women are risking their lives daily and it is wholly inappropriate for a man of his stature and influence to make baseless claims in front of an international audience. As an experienced journalist, he fully understands the impact of his words and the effects on his audience. Mr. Jordan has a past history of making such statements.

The purpose of this blog is as follows:

  Act as a clearinghouse for information related to Mr. Jordan's recent and past statement concerning the United States military.
  Provide analysis and commentary on the developing situation.
  Advocate CNN to take real and meaningful disciplinary action against Mr. Jordan.
  Create a petition expressing the public's displeasure with Mr. Jordan's statements.
  Gather information on CNN's advertisers and make this information available to the public.

Our hope is that CNN will launch an investigation into Mr. Jordan's past and recent history, and take appropriate action. The staff of Easongate is not confident CNN will address this situation without external pressure, however, so we hope to provide the means for the public to place pressure on CNN to act.

They also promise to forward information to their elected reps should Mr. Jordan actually provide evidence of his claims. Michelle Malkin spoke with Congressman Barney Frank, who was there when Jordan made his comments, and they match the picture painted by the other attendees. As always, Captain's Quarters is also providing invaluable service.