Saturday, February 12, 2005

Easongate, Dean, UNSCAM, And Other Sundries

A couple of high-visibility projects on my day job kept me from reading much of the blogs, let alone contributing to them. As I've just now gotten some free moments, I'm going to play catch-up and hit a few topics in this one post.

Eason Jordan has resigned. I strongly suggest you visit Easongate or Captain's Quarters for a full update if you've managed to make it this far without hearing about this story. As the boys from Power Line have observed, however, you'd likely only know about it if you were an avid blog reader.

::::::::If, like most people, you relied on the conventional media for your news, you would not only be late to the party, you would have no idea what is going on--your first knowledge of anything out of the ordinary would be Jordan's resignation. Assuming even that will be reported. It would be an interesting assignment: trying to write a story on Jordan's resignation for a paper that has not heretofore covered the controversy.::::::::

They're right, and that's a shame. I do honestly believe Jordan's vocal bias and self-admitted penchant for covering up pertinent facts made it better that he's not in a position of authority in bringing you the news. However, the MSM should be - still - providing the facts of the story, and they're not. The people in Davos have pulled a blatant cover-up and CNN is sitting back to enjoy. It's patently obvious and that's not looking good on "the most trusted" news network. The MSM pursued a non-story for 5 years when it was the President's Guard service from 30 years ago. This news chief of what is doubtless one of the most influential in the world makes comments about US soldiers torturing and killing journalists in the last year and they give it a pass? If they'd put ½ the effort into this story that they did the Guard story we'd see scores of reporters camped out in Davos demanding the tape. Go figure.

Howard Dean is the new chair of the Democratic National Committee. The man who claims to hate Republicans - a significant chunk of the American populace - and everything they stand for is the man the DNC thinks is the right guy to lead them back into the good graces of the majority of the electorate. Guess we'll see. I'm finding it hard to consider the position of a man who announces to the world that he hates me and whatever I stand for, he's against. I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of people who feel that way.

Benon Sevan, the guy who headed up the UN's Oil-for-Food-Scam-To-Line-Saddam's-Wallet, has been found to have actively obstructed the investigation run by Paul Volcker. Color me shocked. The documents uncovered by the Iraqis after Saddam's downfall made it pretty clear the UN was doing this and that Sevan himself was personally benefiting from the deal. The investigation - what has been allowed by the people being investigated, of course - has shown the same thing. Sevan's not alone. He was, however, in a unique position to stonewall the investigators and that's pretty much what he did. After their performance in Bosnia, their carelessness about Sudan, their complicity in Rwanda, their conspiracy with Saddam, and their wholely inadequate response to the tsunami in southeast Asia, I have to ask: what good are they, anyway? And we're supporting this organization why?

Last up for tonite, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are observing the Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire although they're not actually signing on to it. I might be more excited by this if we hadn't seen all this before. Both groups are taking a "wait and see" attitude saying they'll sign on if they see that Israel has halted her attacks. Of course, they don't put a time frame to the question, and they don't concede that Israel has the right to deal with attacks against herself. Witness that it wasn't 24 hours after the cease-fire was announced before the 1st attacks against Israelis were committed. A cease-fire is a cease-fire, not a set of handcuffs to one side. Both sides must abide by it or it's meaningless. One of these days they'll get that, I suppose.

Wishing you all a good evening and a happy Valentine's Day.