Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Social Security Suggestion, Yet Again

I hate to keep going back to the same pump, but here's another one:

::::::::Well one thing you could do is to give people one or two percent of the payroll tax, with the same options that Federal employees have with their retirement accounts; where you have three mutual funds that almost always perform as well or better than the market and a fourth option to buy government bonds, so you get the guaranteed social security return and a hundred percent safety just like you have with Social Security.::::::::

Now, as I'm sure the left will ask, what moron said that? That would be former President Clinton.

Figures. Trots out some quote from the 1992 campaign like he said it a couple of years ago and ignores the changes in the situation. Typical.

Nice try, but the quote was from December, 2002. As I recall at the time, none of the Democrats booed when he said it, either.