Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tribute To Swift Boat Vets

Quick note: I saw this story about the Swift Boat Vets being recognized for their courage under the withering fire of our rather biased MSM. I'm glad to see this. Their opposition to John Kerry's presidential campaign was crucial in being sure that the real story about Kerry got out there. Were it not for them and their tenaciousness, Kerry would likely still be telling his Cambodian fairy tale and flip-flopping his little heart out. They held the line being called liars, repeatedly, by all manner of "journalists". (Lawrence, O'Donnell? Grown up enough to actually discuss things like an 8-year-old yet?)

And yet, to this day, the huge majority of their claims have never been even addressed by their critics in anything remotely resembling rational discussion. Left-wing commentators like David Brock of Media Matters continue to get on the news and say how the Swiftees just "confused" people, implying that they're lying. Several of their "claims" were apparently true enough that Kerry backed off of his own positions when confronted by them. They have also never wavered from their story or their position. They deserve the tribute being paid them and they have my thanks.