Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Iraqis Protest Attack

This time, the Iraqis were protesting Arabs who attack them. Noted over at Iraq the Model, the Iraqis are upset that the family of the Jordanian suspected of carrying out the recent attack in Hilla where over 100 people were killed waiting in line for a job are celebrating the bomber as a martyr. Quoting from an AFP article showing up on the Iraq Media Network:

::::::::Crowds gathered outside the Jordanian embassy in Baghdad on Sunday shouting: 'No, no to Jordan, close your embassy, we do not want to see you here.'

They urged the government to file charges against the family of Raed al-Banna, who the Iraqi media says carried out a car bombing on 28 February that killed at least 118 people and wounded scores more.

The protest involved hundreds of residents and even featured the Iraqis burning a Jordanian flag. Of course, you didn't hear about that here in the States. Interesting, but still very much unclear is the action by Jordanian law enforcement in arresting the journalist who wrote about bomber. His story about the family's holding a martyr's funeral is the reason for the arrest, but I'm not clear on what was illegal about it. Was the story made up, or what? Details still forthcoming.

Hat Tip: Chrenkoff