Thursday, May 26, 2005

Allawi confirms Saddam had contacts, provided support for Al-Qaeda

Noted from Captain's Quarters:

::::::::While Western press agencies continue to report years-old allegations of Qu'ran abuse from detainees as if they were new, the Exempt Media completely missed important corroboration from Iraq's new government that Saddam sheltered and even encouraged al-Qaeda terrorists during his reign of terror. CQ reader Jason Smith at Generation Why? notes this revelation from the Italian news portal AKI which confirms that Saddam's regime sponsored an Islamist conference and specifically invited AQ's #2 man and Zarqawi to attend:::::::::

What about a highly-placed former Iraqi government official confirming a linkage between his country's former regime and one of the worlds most notorious terrorist organizations isn't newsworthy? We get treated to one story after another about supposedly highly-placed former American government officials "confirming" reports about abuses that have already been reported years ago. Those stories contain nothing but anonymous sources that can't be independently validated reporting what terrorist detainees claim has occured. Those stories are considered newsworthy even though the terrorists' own training manuals - which are well-known by the MSM - contain instructions on making exactly the kind of claims that the stories are reporting. In spite of all that, the MSM finds those claims completely trustworthy and finds the Pentagon to be a bunch of liars.

But Iyad Allawi confirms a claim vigorously derided by the opponents of this Administration and loudly decried as unsubstantiated in the press and the MSM ignores it almost entirely. Bias is as much in what the MSM doesn't cover as it is in what they say. We're still a long way from a balanced news reporting environment, I'd say.