Sunday, May 29, 2005

BBC refers to Senators as "American Twats"

Via Instapundit, I bring you USS Neverdock and the story of a BBC Radio broadcast that... well, you should just read it:

::::::::In a truly amazing display of anti-Americanism and bias, presenters of BBC Radio Scotland's "Off the Ball" football coverage are heard denigrating the US Senators who recently questioned George Galloway and at one point referred to them as "American twats".

Now, there are many, many definitions of the word "twat", about half of them inappropriate for a family show. Fortunately, I think we have a situation here where the 1st set of definitions one thinks of is quite different from the perspective of an American versus a Scott, so I'm guessing the broadcasters weren't comparing our Senators with varying degrees of female genitalia. I must also be completely honest and say that my initial thought on the matter was the merest bit of indignation not because I thought the description was inapt when applied to a certain section of our Senate populace but due to that bit of nationalistic pride that causes me to rise in defense of most things American because I'm American. (Sure, they're twats, but they're our twats, boyo, so back off!)

You must, however, ask about the mindset of the BBC's management to allow that kind of commentary to not just slip out, but be bandied back and forth (and back and forth, and back and forth) on the radio during - if I read this right - a sports show. I'm certain that the commentary of John Madden and Terry Bradshaw during a Monday Night Football game expounding on the moronic ineptitude of British Parliament and the Scottish government in their slide into socialism wouldn't be appreciated by our friends across the pond, either. My apologies to Neverdock, however, in that many of us aren't expecting the BBC to be unbiased any more.