Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

In my generational line on the ancenstry chart, there's only 1 veteran I know of, my brother-in-law, Ed. Beyond that, you have to go back a couple of generations to find any men in uniform. I nearly went into the Air National Guard myself, but I got a phone call literally hours before going to the recruiter and went into the commercial airline sector instead. Paths chosen, and paths not taken, as they say... The past few years have brought to the fore a realization that my life and the lives of my family have been permitted to go the way they've gone because of the nature of the nation we live in. That nature has been protected by the thin line of olive drab, camo, white and blue that comprise the Services within the United State Military. Today, we recall the sacrifice of those in uniform who stepped out in front to stand between the greatest experiment in governance the world has ever known and the darkness of those who would see it fail and be destroyed. I stand literally in their debt, and I will remember that forever.

To those who serve, I offer my civilian salute and my thanks. To those who have gone before, all that and my promise to be faithful to your memory. We enjoy this day because of your work. We will not let it go to waste.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday, everyone.

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