Saturday, June 18, 2005

American Legion suggestion for Senator Durbin

I just read this story in the Washington Times about Durbin's lame attempt at an apology and it quotes the National Commander of the American Legion Thomas Cadmus.

:::::::: "There are lies and there are damn lies," said Mr. Cadmus. "Sen. Durbin knows better and owes every man and woman in the United States Armed Forces an apology for his totally inaccurate remarks comparing our sons and daughters to crimes of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin and Pol Pot."

Together, those dictators are responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent civilians.

"I would encourage Sen. Durbin to visit Guantanamo -- not a VIP tour -- but receive POW/MIA training from the United States Army and spend his August recess working alongside of the very Americans he defamed," Mr. Cadmus said.

In criticizing Mr. Durbin, the Legion was joining the nation's other large veterans group, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, which issued a critical statement on Thursday. The 2.4-million-member VFW is open to ex-military members who served overseas in a war zone.

Now there's a good suggestion. Durbin claimed in an earlier interview that he would take the Pentagon up on their offer to have any Senator come down to Gitmo for a tour, but that he believed they'd cover things up during the VIP tour. Commander Cadmus has an excellent idea, here. Durbin should go down there and put in month checking things out. They can't keep things covered up 24/7 with him working alongside of them. I encourage the Senator to make that offer to the Pentagon.

I'm just not holding my breath.