Thursday, June 09, 2005

Amnesty International's call for arrest of US officials

I'm reading posts on Captain's Quarters and Instapundit regarding the calls by Amnesty International for foreign governments to arrest US officials who they consider to be "architects of torture" should any of those folks come into their territories. Worthy readers of this blog already knew that, of course, as I wrote on the topic last week. (OK, so I'm a teensy bit smug that I posted on something ahead of those 2 blogging titans. Can't help it.) However, the Captain is correct in his commentary that the part of AI's report dealing with the call to nab the President and Rumsfeld hasn't been really reported in the MSM until now.

::::::::That's quite a stringent call coming from AI -- a demand that foreign governments ignore diplomatic immunity and seize traveling officials from the United States, in order to put them on trial in a kangaroo court. I wonder, did Schulz make the same demand about Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-Il, the Iranian mullahs, or any of the other dictators around the world that really do practice torture on their own populations, or worse. Apparently not; Amnesty only unleashes its venom on freely elected leaders, a rather cowardly act masquerading as telling truth to power.

These revelations absolutely destroy any credibility for AI as a nonpartisan, independent organization dedicated to human rights. It has sold itself out as yet another tiresome, radical Leftist screaming machine with double standards so ridiculous that their very scope amounts to self-satire.

You said it, Ed.