Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The arrogance of the Left in full view

Perhaps it's a sign of desperation that their message has failed to convince a majority of Americans but it seems the Left is increasingly unable to hide their arrogance and the signs of their superiority complex. In an effort to dismiss the political stance held by that majority of Americans, the Left has decided that being conservative is actually a genetic defect. Ladies & gentlemen, I give you Ken Schram of KOMO-TV in Seattle, Washington:

::::::::According to a new study published in the American Political Science Review, being politically conservative is, in part, a matter or genetics.

I've long wondered how an otherwise seemingly rational person could adhere so strictly to stilted ideologies; how they could be so consistently willing to smother a sense of social well-being.

It's merely a matter of having been dumped in the shallow end of the gene pool.

They're sorta like the puppy who piddles in the middle of the floor: They just don't know any better.

To be sure, the study says that how someone is raised may determine their political party affiliation, but it's genetics that appears to set one on a philosophically conservative course.

To me, that helps explain why PBS threatens their intellect, or why they are so at peace with going to war.

It's not that conservatives mean to favor the rich over the poor and middle class.

And it's not that they'd rather drill for oil than preserve the environment.

Because it's not really their fault.

They're just born that way.

You don't even need to imagine the howls of anger that would arise were a conservative to make the counter argument. The Left has been quite vocal in cases where they feel their views are being insufficiently weighed. The part that just astounds me is how anyone can claim the media isn't slanted left after a commentary like this. There is no way that KOMO - or any other broadcast station - would allow someone to get on their stage and make the claim that liberals just can't help being military-hating, America-bashing morons who favor changing our laws to accommodate terrorists. They're just born that way, the poor creatures.

Yeah, I'm sure I'll be seeing that on News Channel 8 out here. The MSM allows this kind of baiting commentary precisely because it's leftward leaning (in this case, leaning hard enough that you might as well say it's laying down on its left side) and it fits the message the media wants people to hear. If I were to point out, by the way, that the science of genetics forces one to conclude that if, in fact, there's a genetic marker that indicates conservatism, then the reverse is equally true - that being a liberal is genetic, I doubt very much they'd want to air that perspective.

Clearly, the Left doesn't give a damn what anyone to their right thinks these days. Considering the whoopass they've been handed for the past 5 years, you have to wonder where the arrogance comes from. Are they just cocky, or just as desperate as they sound?

Hat tip: LGF