Monday, June 27, 2005

Chuck update

Chuck, a.k.a. TCOverride, is at Walter Reed, as you already know if you've read this blog over the past few days. His wife, Carren, is here in DC with him and provides an update on Chuck's site. One item she wanted to clarify was this:

::::::::I need to clarify what happened to Chuck, from what I understand. Somewhere out in "blog country," a story has been fabricated that Chuck actually picked up the IED. My husband is NOT an idiot and would NEVER do such a thing! So whoever started this story, you need to clarify on YOUR blog that HE DID NOT PICK UP THE IED!!!!!!

Chuck was on a foot patrol w/ one of his platoons. A civilian Iraqi informant was leading the patrol to the site of the IED. Well, this informant (ass hole) set the patrol up and the IED was remotely detonated. And my husband was hit!!! The blast blew him into the canal, and CPT Jason Spencer went into the canal and saved Chuck's life... he kept him above the water so he didn't drown. THAT is the story in a nut shell. I am sure Chuck will explain in full detail when he is able. He did NOT pick up the IED!!!!!!!!!

I feel better now... I needed to clarify.

You know, the funny thing is that I recall seeing that claim - that he picked up the IED - but, for the life of me, I can't recall where I saw that. I recall thinking that didn't sound right but I just sort of "filed it" and focused on his condition and that of his men. What I'd really like to know, now, is 1) did the informant survive the blast, and 2) if so, how badly did Chuck's men kick the crap out of him?

In any case, the Babes at Two Babes and a Brain are still taking donations for those camelback water system insulator bags, if you'd like to help Chuck's men out.