Friday, June 10, 2005

E. H. Norton confused about Pentagon's BRAC Commision's goals

I just heard on the radio a quick news spot about Eleanor Holmes Norton speaking about the BRAC Commission's consideration of closing down Walter Reed Hospital. Something she said just really got me. In making the usual politician's promise to do everything she could to fight the closure - as would be expected, since her job is to have the interests of DC's residents at heart - she complained that the "Pentagon doesn't care about DC" in deciding whether to make such a closure. Well, no kidding. The Pentagon isn't supposed to "care" about DC. They're supposed to care about the military and in making the best decisions they can when closing bases to keep those open that can offer the best mix of capability and mitigate the loss of those cases that do close. That's their goal in this endeavor and that's how it should be.