Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jack Kelly on International Organizations with legitimate Gitmo gripes

Jack Kelly over at Irish Pennants (you do have him bookmarked and blogrolled, right?) has a wonderful take on the latest comparisons of Gitmo to the Nazis/Stalinists/Khmer Rouge. He's speaking in response to the ludicrous comparison made by Senator Dick Durbin on the Senate floor.

::::::::The Nazis killed millions in their concentration camps. The Soviets killed millions in theirs. Pol Pot murdered millions. Number of detainees at Gitmo who have died: zero. Number of detainees at Gitmo who have suffered serious injuries at the hands of of guards or interrogators: zero.

There is one international organization that has a legitimate beef with how we are running things at Gitmo: Weight Watchers. The average detainee has gained 18 lbs in custody, according to a spokesman for the joint task force there. This makes Gitmo the only POW camp in the history of the world where prisoners have gotten fat.

Oh my God! Where's the ACLU now when we need them?!? SAVE THE DETAINEES FROM CELLULITE!!!!

He's completely correct, of course. No, not about the Weight Watchers&trade folks. The equalizing of Gitmo to Auschwitz or the gulag - they real gulag, not Amnesty International's publicity-stunt variant of the gulag - would be laugable if it didn't play into the hands of our enemies so easily. Durbin's playing the part of an idiot by engaging in that kind of crap.