Saturday, June 04, 2005

Lt. Pantano resigns his commission

I had noted a day or so ago that Lt. Ilaro Pantano, the Marine who had been accused of murder by a disgruntled sergeant under his command and was acquitted of all charges, has resigned his commission. Seeing the post on the matter over at Greyhawk's place brought it back to the forefront for me. I had read the reports of his story as they unfolded and, with what I know about it, I'd have agreed with the acquittal had I been sitting in the jury. After being exonerated, though, to then resign...

Pantano tells us that it's for family reasons, and I can certainly understand that. The sheer amount of undeserved crap he and his family have had to endure has been monstrous and I certainly wouldn't be in any mood to put up with more of it, either. The really galling point is that the jerk who made the accusation - an accusation that has been officially ruled unfounded - is still in the Marines and will remain so. I don't understand how that happens. A man gets accused by a fellow Marine of doing something, they investigate, they conclude that the accusation was wrongly made, and the accuser just goes on about his business. I guess the Marines know what they're doing but I have to wonder who's next on this clown's list.

Sorry to see you go, Pantano. Good fortune to you and your family, I pray. You deserve it.