Sunday, June 12, 2005

New addition to the Military Blogroll who has more media idiocy

Blackfive links to Dadmanly, one of our Nation's Finest in Iraq. He's got something to say today about Grief and Anger and it's worth the read. All too often - so much so that's it'd a cliche by now if it weren't still happening - the media runs over to someone who's just suffered a horrific loss and shoves a camera in their face asking, "What are you feeling?!?" Most of us shake our heads at the questions. How do you think they're feeling, you uncaring moron? Imagine, however, the act of some media nutcase calling up the family members of a military unit they've heard has suffered some KIA's and asking the family members if their loved ones were the ones who died.

::::::::As is the practice here in Iraq, the Command shuts down phone and internet connections for 24-48 hours, long enough for the Military to contact affected families.

Let me tell you why that is so important.

One of the idiots here who doesn't understand the very good reasons for the blackout, placed an anonymous call just before the blackout was imposed, saying 4 soldiers of our Division were killed, maybe more injured.

An equally idiotic (no, make that even more idiotic) news editor or reporter called Mrs. Dadmanly at home, told her about the anonymous tip, and asked her if she had heard any news? The reporters involved apparently contacted several family members.

Needless to say, with the rest of us on blackout, my wife was a basket case, as were many other family members and friends. Since the news (based on this anonymous tip) was immediately reported on local news and amplified by CNN, the military authorities in our Rear Detachment were forced to send out an email confirming that soldiers were injured, but that no further information could be made available until families had been notified. Which just scared and upset more families and friends of Soldiers in our Division, because (thanks to HIPAA restrictions), the Army can't reveal any medical information without patient consent.

My wife had to wait until the blackout was lifted to find out if I had been injured. Or if others in my unit had been hurt or killed.

Nice move, jackasses. Like it takes a Master's degree to see this kind of thing coming. Note to the media idiot who tried to make military families their source - get your facts about events in a military theatre of war from the military, not from the families of the soldiers serving in theatre.