Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Republican Stupidity

I just read via Michelle Malkin's site where some Congressional Republicans are honked off that the Washington Nationals might get bought by an investment team led by George Soros. There are all manner of reasons to dislike George Soros, not the least of which is his shadow play pulling the strings of John McCain and Russ Feingold in getting the 1st Amendment violated. He is precisely the kind of super-rich "sinister force behind the scenes" kind of guy the liberal left loves to hate, so long as such a guy is a Republican. For all that, the concept that standing up to denounce him engaging in a perfectly legal business transaction is worse than ill-advised. It's stupid. Ridiculous. Moronic. And the Republican Congressmen who are now so intent on interfering in a business deal after standing on a platform of keeping government noses out of free enterprise should be ashamed. If they weren't making the rest of us look bad, I'd say "go ahead and make asses of yourselves." Unfortunately, they are making the rest of us look bad.