Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Troop count?

Forgot something in the last entry. That same story had a mention of Senator Joe Biden talking about the commanders in the field and their assessment of their troop strength. Now, here we have a situation were either 1) Biden's lying outright (unlikely), 2) Biden's exaggerating and making it seem like he spoke with dozens of commanders and actually spoke with 1 LT. Colonel (maybe), 3) President Bush is being told his commanders are all happy and that's not true (maybe), 4) President Bush is lying outright (unlikely).

Why unlikely? Because it's just too easy to prove the lie. With all the allegedly disaffected soldiers over there, keeping it quiet that one commander or another is wanting more troops is damn difficult, considering the communications methods open these days. I also don't know what Biden's definition of a "commander" is. Could be some LT whose unit has come under fire for a few days running. I don't know what the President's definition is, either. Could be only the top-level Generals.

I do think it's a valid question and I wish the Pentagon would make a pointed inquiry and report the findings. If they need more, send more. And if they need a 40-something tubby guy with network skills, call me. Wouldn't want someone to think I'm not ready to back up my own words.