Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Uncalled for

I've never read anything by Ed Klein and, given what I'm hearing about his latest work, I might keep it that way. Several heavy hitters around the blogosphere such as Captain's Quarters, Power Line, and Confederate Yankee have taken up the issue and they've all said virtually the same thing. Klein's "reporting" of the comments by Bill Clinton as regards his supposedly raping his wife and this act being proudly hailed as the conception point of their daughter is irresponsible, honorless, and just uncalled for. I don't give a damn about the amount of truth in it, which I consider to be very little, personally. For background, let me quote Confederate Yankee, briefly:

:::::::: According to Drudge, Edward Klein’s new book The Truth About Hillary makes the claim via an anonymous source that former President Bill Clinton made the incredible claim, "I'm going back to my cottage to rape my wife,” while on a Bermuda vacation in 1979.

The anonymous source then claimed that the Clinton’s room, "looked like World War III. There are pillows and busted-up furniture all over the place," implying that a very violent rape did indeed occur. The same source also claimed Bill Clinton only found out about Hillary’s resulting pregnancy by reading about it in the Arkansas Gazette, and that President Clinton was completely unfazed that he found out about the pregnancy in the newspaper instead of from his wife, instead boasting:

'Do you know what night that happened?"

"'No,' I say. 'When?"

"'It was Bermuda,' he says, 'And you were there!'"

Yet another anonymous source, I note. It's crap when Newsweek does it, it's crap when CBS does it, and it's damn sure crap when a conservative author does it, too. This kind of accusation is just smearing people and that's all. There's no useful dialog and nothing germane to any discussion can be had of this. And let's focus on something for a moment: Chelsea Clinton. This young woman has done nothing wrong, has made no serious opposition to anyone's politics. She's an intelligent young American and that's the end of it, so far as politics go. But now, though no fault of her own whatsoever, she's being tarred with the same brush that's aimed at her father. That's not right, not by a longshot.

I join with those worthy bloggers above in denouncing this character hack-job. This story, even if true which I firmly doubt, should never have seen the light of day by anyone but Bill or Hillary. Shame on you, Mr. Klein. Have you no decency left? This was uncalled for.