Thursday, July 14, 2005

1000 Iraqis march in protest in Qayarrah

About 1000 Iraqis marched in protest in the town of Qayarrah. You might be wondering why you heard not a single word of this in the MSM, considering that the event took place on July 5th, nearly 10 days ago. Well, that's because of who and what they were protesting:

::::::::QAYARRAH, Iraq: Citizens of the southern city of Qayarrah, of the northern province of Ninewah, gather to demonstrate their defiance against terrorism during the March Against Terror. Over 1,000 Iraqi citizens, including several influential political and religious leaders, marched alongside Iraqi Army and police officers in this first of several such demonstrations planned for the northern region of Iraq.::::::::

Blackfive has this story along with pictures taken by Army Specialist David Nunn. There's some video here that was taken by the 366th Mobile PA Detachment.

Now, tell me again about the non-bias of the MSM? 1000 Iraqis march in protest against terrorism and the terrorists who are, by the way, living and operating there in their midst, not across a sea somewhere, and that's not news? I've noted before that you can tell something about these protests by the signs they carry. While there are signs there in English, there's a pretty significant number of them that have not a single English word on them. They're all in Arabic. Protest signs that are in English carried by Iraqis are generally aimed at the international audience. Signs in Arabic are aimed at either Iraqis (urging them to denounce terrorism) or to the terrorists (urging them to get out.)

Still, the big point for me is the absolute silence from our media on this kind of news. They ignore this kind of event totally, but if those same 1000 Iraqis came out protesting Coalition troop presence, you can bet the MSM would have been playing that up to the hilt.