Friday, July 08, 2005

British Muslims condemn the attack

I note over on Captain's Quarters a story about the Muslim community of London doing something the American Muslim community could never seem to find the time to do: condemn the attacks in no uncertain terms and call upon its membership to help law enforcement find those responsible.

::::::::Muslim leaders in Britain yesterday were swift to condemn a series of deadly bomb blasts in London and they appealed to Britons not to single out their community for reprisals.

The leaders also made an unprecedented appeal to the estimated 1.7 million Muslims living in Britain to tip off the police about who had carried out the bombings.

"These evil deeds makes victims of us all," the Muslim Council of Britain said.

"The evil people who planned and carried out these series of explosions in London want to demoralize us as a nation and divide us as a people.

"All of us must unite in helping the police to capture these murderers."

That same appeal was made by the leadership of Europe's largest mosque and cultural center.
"We call on the Muslim community to be fully cooperative in this situation, so we may all live in peace and harmony and continue to make London the vibrant, tolerant and peaceful city it is," concluded a statement from the London Central Mosque, whose golden dome rises above one of London's major landmarks, Regent's Park.

Direct, to the point, absolutely undiluted and unqualified comdemnation for the bombings and the people who carried them out. A clear, direct call for assisting the police in finding and capturing the perpatrators. Oh, and note that they're not "insurgents", "militants", "minutemen" or anything else that lessens the impact of their actions. They're murderers.

This is the action and these are the words that were never done or spoken by the Muslim community here in the US after 9/11. Plenty of people talking about how they were victims and that we needed to "better understand" their motivations, but no calls to hunt down and capture the people responsible for the attacks. Now, unlike 9/11, the perps in the London attacks didn't ride their bombs to the target. (At least we don't think so.) It appears the bombs were left and either detonated on a timer or remote signal. Either way, this indicates there's a perpatrator alive and capturable. We'll have to see. Regardless, it's both refreshing and hopeful to see this call being made within the Muslim community there. We can only hope the recipients of the message take it seriously.