Sunday, July 17, 2005

Cpt. "Chuck" Ziegenfuss update

Seems Chuck Ziegenfuss is improving nicely, albeit with a long road ahead. His wife, Carren, has posted a new update for him for today, the 17th. Go have a look.

One of the things they'd like to try and do is to fill up that P.O. box they've rented with cards and notes from people who've been keeping up with him. They're looking for your jokes, folks, so send Chuck something that'll make him laugh. (Personally, I think Carren and his sister, Alice, are looking to make him laugh hard enough to snort, but that's just me.)

Anyway, send those cards to:

::::::::CPT Charles W. Ziegenfuss (or Carren Ziegenfuss or Alice Ziegenfuss)
PO Box 59051
Washington, DC 20012