Monday, July 18, 2005

Nadagate on CNN

OK, I've not mentioned much on the supposed "outing" of Valerie Plame, a.k.a. Plameout, a.k.a. Nadagate, primarily because the Grand Jury investigation is still underway. Investigator Fitzgerald is still digging up dirt and the direction he's going has suddenly become very unclear. With the testimony of Matt Cooper that Rove didn't give him Plame's name and clearly believed Plame wasn't a covert agent in any case, that appeared to be the end of the line for the investigation. It's still going, however, which is making everyone involved behave like a bunch of fighter jets who've just discovered a heat-seeking missile in their midst that's looking for a target. Jack Kelly over at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette thinks Fitzgerald might have his eye on a leak at the CIA who, apparently, gave up classified info to perennial liar Joe Wilson. That's a good theory. I'll wait to see what he does next.

What is not a theory is:

  1. Cooper called Rove, not the other way around.

  2. Cooper called Rove about something unrelated to Joe Wilson. He brought up Wilson to Rove during the call.

  3. Rove did not tell Cooper Plame's name.

  4. Neither Rove nor Cooper indicated anything as to Plame's status regarding being covert or not.

All the caterwauling being done in the lefty press and by the Democrats screaming for Rove's head has been that Rove outed a covert CIA operative. On the obvious and freely available facts, this is bullshit.
  1. Rove never mentioned Plame's name. (See above)

  2. Plame had been at CIA HQ in Langley for over 5 years when Cooper called Rove. Even Wilson says she was not a covert agent.

  3. Absolutely none of the requirements to qualify for a violation of the law are present in this case.

So there I am this morning getting coffee in the company break room and listening to Carol Costello on CNN as she interviews 2 guys, one each from the Democratic and Republican parties. Mr. Republican gets asked, basically, "what's going on" and he gives a recap of what I've given here. Her lead-in to Mr. Democrat and the answer he gives ignore completely the facts of this case. The Dem sits there talking about this as though Rove called up reporters everywhere and said, "Hey, know Joe Wilson? His wife, Valerie Plame - that's P-L-A-M-E, so spell it right - is a secret agent! Shhhh! Don't tell anyone I told you!" How can you even begin to make the assertion that "the administration" outted Plame by way of revenge and to discredit Wilson if you acknowledge the reality of the facts I've stated above? And as a reporter, how do you let someone do that without challenging them?

Oh, and by the way, it would seem to be a given that you don't whine about someone being discredited when that person has been proven to be a liar thrice over on the very topic you're whining about. All this hue and cry I hear about how the media is supposed to be questioning everything only seems to matter to the Democrats and their defenders when the challenges are directed at the President and his staff. When it's someone making an assertion that's damaging to the administration, the media gives them a pass. Nice going, Costello. The Lions would be proud.