Friday, July 22, 2005

Next version of Windows&trade announced

The next-gen operating system by Microsoft formerly known as "Longhorn" was unveiled today along with its new name: Windows Vista.

::::::::Microsoft (Research) has promised that the new system will have several improvements, including better security features, more comprehensive search capabilities and a friendlier user interface.

Specific features include a new way to manage files involving the use of virtual folders, which will make storing and finding information easier, Sullivan said.

Several privacy capabilities, such as protected user accounts, have also been built into the new system, he said.

In a Microsoft video of the name announcement, the new system is described as "Clear. Confident. Connected."

Well, we'll see. As a long-time Windows user and a DOS geek before that, I've seen a number of these O/S roll-outs that promised much. It's a long way to "late next year", which is the scheduled release timeframe, so we'll just have to watch as this one unfolds.