Monday, July 18, 2005

On the cusp of metamorphosis

New Sisyphus is a blog I found several months ago and liked to follow for a variety of reasons. The quality writing and the insider's insight into the workings of our own foreign service as well as into that of life in a foreign nation made it a real pleasure to read. A family medical issue has forced the proprietor to leave the foreign service and return to the States. This past week was the actual departure from the foreign lands to return home.

Life forces change, for the good or ill. New Sisyphus will be undergoing a metamorphosis on two fronts: one on returning to life in the United States and one on returning to the life and work of a private citizen as opposed to a government official. Whatever awaits, we'll have to wait for the writing there to continue on 1 August as they make their transition. See you on the other side, indeed, New Sisyphus. We'll be waiting.