Thursday, July 14, 2005

Santorum's mouth is getting him in trouble, again.

I was planning on writing about Senator Rick Santorum's attempted defense of his idiotic comments a few years ago that Boston's local culture was somehow responsible for the child-abuse scandal within the Catholic Church. However, two very fine writers have already done so and I can't do much to improve on their takes. Ed Morrisey of Captain's Quarters and Michelle Malkin have both weighed in on the Senator's remarks.

Malkin writes:

::::::::This week, Santorum defended the comments and his spokesman added yesterday:

The abuse..."was particularly worse in Boston and the reason why, according to the senator, is because of some of the social institutions that call Boston home. When you take a look at Harvard University and some of the other universities in Boston, I think it's an open secret that there is a liberal bias, unfortunately."

What?! I'm all for discussing "No Guardrails" theory and there are thoughtful critiques of liberalism's corrosive impact on the Catholic Church, but Santorum does not bother to explain how sexual promiscuity at Harvard Law is to blame for pedophile-sheltering by Cardinal Law. He ignores the facts, which do not support his theory that abuse was "particularly worse in Boston" because it is liberal.

Indeed. A liberal culture base has absolutely nothing to do with the Church's hierarchy acting as it did; moving the offending priests around to other parrishes and thereby exposing more of us to the dangers. Captain Ed agrees and his honor requires him to do something he obviously dislikes:

::::::::As a Catholic and a conservative, nothing would please me more than if we could blame the sexual-abuse scandals of the Church on a permissive society. Unfortunately, it simply isn't true. Pedophilia has nothing to do with liberal sexual mores. The sexual abuse of children involves illnesses without cures, and the scandals have to do with a church hierarchy that refused to recognize that and keep sick priests away from vulnerable boys and girls.

Normally I would rather eat raw squid with mushrooms and beets than agree with Ted Kennedy and John Kerry. Neither of these men conducted themselves with much honor during their political careers. Both owe so many apologies to so many people that hearing them call for someone else to apologize almost makes me spit out my beverage over my laptop screen.

In this case, however, they're right.

I feel much the same way about the 2 Senators from Massacheussetts but, again, Ed's correct. Read 'em both.