Monday, July 25, 2005

Soldiers' Angels update

About a month ago I decided I needed to start doing something more active to show my support for the troops in the field. Over on Blackfive and Mudville, they have spoke highly of the Soldiers' Angels and I decided to go over and have a look. I put in for a name of a soldier to write to and got one back in a few hours. Writing that first letter was hard to do but I kept thinking about the soldier at the other end and how it might help lift some spirits over there to hear from an average American who supports them and what they're trying to do. One of the things they tell you over at the Angels' site is that it's possible you'll never hear from your soldier. They're busy, after all. The Angels' site assures participants that the troops appreciate it.

After sending 2 letters and a care package, I was preparing to write a third and "scheduled" myself to have it done tonite. In today's mail, I found a small envelope with my name on it coming from my soldier. I had a huge grin on when I saw that and found that my efforts were, indeed, appreciated. My soldier had never heard of Soldiers' Angels, but he told me he's glad someone put him on the list. Toward the end he commented on it specifically:

::::::::Before I close this letter I will say that I don't know anything about this Soldiers' Angels program. And had never heard of this before your letters, and I did some research. But I will say that I am so glad it exists because with the support of families such as yours we are sure to be victorious in the LONGGGGG run. And of course getting mail in itself is a real morale booster. Thank you for all that you do to support us!::::::::

(That's a verbatim copy, by the way. I like the way people write by themselves when MS Word's not trying to correct grammar!) In reading this fine letter, I never thought when I started this effort that it would be such a morale booster for me, too. Interestingly enough, my soldier left Iraq 3 days ago to come home for 2 weeks' leave. I plan on having a letter ready to send to arrive back there as this soldier returns. It's a long run, indeed, and I'm going to be there for them each step of the way.