Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Suggestion to New Londoners: recall your city leaders

I'd say this is an example of adding insult to injury, but this one is clearly so injurious it's more like adding maiming to injury. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin, this is from Rossputin:

::::::::As if things weren't bad enough for Suzette Kelo after the Supreme Court ruled that her city government could take her house and give it to a corporation, we now learn that she's going to be abused on compensation as well.

Since the city of New London has technically owned the property since they invoked eminent domain in 2000, they will only pay Ms. Kelo based on the 2000 value of the property.

Given what has happened to real estate prices in that time, a conservative guess would be that the fair price is now 50% higher, but it could easily be 100% or more. (I don't know enough about New London real estate to give a more accurate guess.)

And, the city's lawyers (who should be taken to Singapore and caned) also claim that Ms. Kelo and her neighbors have been living in a house owned by the city for several years and that the city might hold them liable for rent money!

The story is in the local newspaper up there, The Day. This is absolutely insane that anyone would think this is remotely reasonable or ethical. Where are the citizens of New London? I assure you, if I find this is happening in Loudoun County, VA, you're going to be seeing me on the news making as loud a call as I can for my fellow citizens to recall our county officials immediately. I cannot believe that the citizens of New London aren't surrounding the city hall with torches and pitchforks! How can anyone trust that these guys running the show in New London won't come after their homes next?