Thursday, August 11, 2005

'Able Danger' ignored?

This story is just coming out and the ramifications of it are astounding. The 9/11 Commission, charged with examining all the details about what was known and when in an effort to isolate the failures in our intel apparatus that didn't catch the 9/11 terrorists, apparently ignored information about an Army data-mining program that identified Mohammad Atta and other hijackers in its report. If true, this is a staggering discovery and it was most certainly relevant to the issue of what went wrong and what worked ahead of that terrible day. I can find absolutely no plausible reason to conclude that an intelligence program that successfully identified Atta as a threat was of no consequence to their investigation.

This story is just running too damn fast for me to keep up with so I'm going to direct you all to a few places I check on regularly for information about this. If someone has another site they'd like to recommend, please do. If someone has a beef with my recommendations, back up your issue and show me that they're inappropriate. If you can, I'll rescind the recommendation.

Check out:

More as I get them.