Monday, August 15, 2005

Another case of Mad How disease

You know, you honestly can't even make this stuff up. In the face of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed under the orders of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein, Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean says that women will be worse off under an elected democracy than under Saddam's murderous regime.

::::::::Howard Dean, the Democratic National Committee chairman who was the hero of his party's anti-war wing before his gaffe-prone 2004 presidential candidacy crashed and burned in Iowa, still doesn't think the Iraqis are better off with dictator Saddam Hussein out of power and in prison.

Appearing on CBS' "Face the Nation" yesterday, the fiery former Vermont governor said, "It looks like today, and this could change, as of today it looks like women will be worse off in Iraq than they were when Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq."

Feel free to read the transcript yourself right here. (PDF format) A man who would make such a claim is either completely unhinged, completely ignorant of the topic he's expounding on, a blithering idiot, or far more concerned with saying anything he needs to, true or bald-faced lie, to try to tear down the President. Anyone who believes Mad How's comments on this are desperately seeking any reason they can to cling to their hatred of George Bush and that's all there is to it. I feel sorry for my friends and colleagues who claim membership in the Democratic party with this guy at the helm. It's going to play well over in the cesspool at Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground but it looks very, very bad to people who are still thinking folks instead of spitting hate-mongers. Good luck, fella's.