Monday, August 08, 2005

Arrest in UNSCAM (OFF)

Well, there's no denying it now. The UN program designed to help the Iraqi people under Saddam Hussein - a program widely touted by the international Left - was as corrupt as the day is long. And it wasn't just the little guys way out in the field, either.

::::::::One of the targets of the Oil-for-Food investigation, Alexander Yakovlev, on Monday pleaded guilty to conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering charges for taking bribes during his work at the United Nations.

Yakovlev also admitted to soliciting a bribe under the U.N. Oil-for-Food program, making him the first U.N. official to face criminal charges in connection with the scandal-tainted program for Iraq.

Yakovlev was stripped of his diplomatic immunity earlier Monday by U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan and taken into custody by federal authorities.

The fascinating part is how fast he copped a plea. Now, let's just see how long it takes before Kofi Annan to suddenly require a plane trip to Brazil for some important conference.