Sunday, August 07, 2005

Chrenkoff is moving up and moving out

Arthur Chrenkoff has been a favorite blogger of mine for a long time. I've linked to dozens of his articles, most notably the "Good News" series of articles he's collected about the underreported or simply ignored positive stories and news of progress from Afghanistan and Iraq. In spite of accusations of being nothing but a cheerleader and a constant source of irritation to those who cannot bear to think that we might be doing some good over there after all, he has continued to provide an invaluable service in presenting that often claimed yet hugely lacking quality in our MSM: balance.

Fortunately for Chrenkoff, he's been offered a promotion in his field and a chance to advance professionally. Unfortunately, that advance comes with a price. He's going to be unable to continue writing in his blog. Here in the next few weeks, Chrenkoff's priceless blog will be going dark. He says he's received a large number of comments and posts about him since announcing it, even some nice ones from his idealogical opponents. He deserves them, one and all.

I've never met him and (living where we both do) I doubt I will. It seems unlikely that we'll even hold a conversation. For all that, I'd like to tip my cyber-hat in his direction and put up a standing offer of a beer should he ever venture out here near Washington, DC. You'll be missed, sir, and I wish you very, very well.