Thursday, August 25, 2005

Italian Red Cross chooses sides, hides insurgents

So, the Italian Red Cross, an agency claiming protection on the battlefield and passage in war zones past our protective perimeters due to the fact that they are a neutral force has admitted to providing assistance and cover to our enemies. I wonder how many times those 4 terrorists the Italians helped have set up Coalition forces to be attacked? How many soldiers have they been responsible for killing? How many Iraqis are dead today because these Italians used the neutrality of the Red Cross to hide our enemies and sneak them past our lines?

How many Red Cross workers in the future will be detained or fired upon because these Italians have shown us that the Red Cross cannot be trusted? Sure, the International Red Cross says the Italians are a separate Red Cross outfit and do not answer to the IRC. But how are our soldiers to know that this particular van with a Red Cross on it is the IRC and that van with a Red Cross on it is the Italians unless they stop every one?

Spare me the story about having done it to get kidnappers to release hostages. The only thing that did - aside from allowing terrorists to circumvent our security measures - was show the kidnappers that kidnapping is an effective tool.

In exchange for a rock-solid vow by the new Italian Red Cross director to never, never, never engage in such actions again, I'll be willing to give them a second chance. They can thank this guy for my attitude and know that I'm thinking of him, not these sleazeball Red Cross jerks, when I think of Italians. His courage and fortitude has bought them a pass. Don't screw it up.