Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Updated: Off the wire? Captain's Quarters, Irish Pennants, Power Line, and Instapundit

How fascinating: when trying to get to Power Line, Captain's Quarters, Instapundit and Irish Pennants this morning, I can't get their URL's to resolve at all. Those are some fairly heavy hitters in the blogosphere. Wonder what's up?

Update: Being a professional network engineer, I can't help but attempt to troubleshoot an issue like this when it presents itself. Here's the symptoms:

  1. DNS is resolving for other web sites and they are browsable. Conclusion: DNS service here is not off-line.

  2. DNS for the sites listed will resolve addresses intermittently. The IP address seems to change. Conclusion: the DNS record for the site(s) is in flux.

  3. Browsing to the IP address given will sometimes yield a page that simply says "test" but other times will result in page from "CPanel.net" saying no web page is configured at the address.

  4. The whois listings for the sites in question all show the DNS is handled by the same company: hmsdns.net.

Pretty clearly, the company handling the DNS for these sites lost the records somehow and that loss is being propagated throughout the Net. Someone's aware of the issue, hence the changing DNS records and "test" page displays. There may be other issues at the site actually housing the web pages but I can't conclude that directly from the evidence I'm able to grab. In any case, I'm sending e-mails to the admin contacts of the 4 sites in question. If I get a reply, I'll post it.