Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat Robertson's an idiot: stop the presses...

It comes as no shock to anyone who knows me that I don't think very highly of the televangelist crowd into which I place Pat Robertson, among others. Quite a bit of what they say, or rather how they say it comes across as idiocy to me so I don't spend a lot of mental processor cycles on their pronouncements. Robertson's latest comments calling for the assassination of Hugo Chavez are just the latest bits of drivel I've come to know and ignore from his ilk. Of course, he made for a neon-lit, barn-sized target for the Left, so of course every media outlet in America is carrying it.

Pat Robertson is a TV personality and far and away not one of the leading ones. So he mouthed off about "taking out" one of the remaining communist tyrants in the world. So what? We have people on both coasts and parts of Europe calling for the assassination of our President. I'm not supposed to get in an uproar about that (wouldn't dream of questioning those folks' patriotism, after all) but I'm supposed to wring my hands over someone making a similar comment about a real, live totalitarian ruler absolutely guilty of real, live atrocities? Don't hold your breath.

Pat Robertson does not represent Christians as a whole, nor Republicans, nor any significant block on the Right. Even among those he might represent, I think you'll find the average Christian not advocating foreign relations by assassination.

To play into my "he's an idiot" judgement, he's now trying to say he was "misinterpreted." He says he didn't actually say "assassinate." He actually said "take him out," which can be interpretted all sorts of ways. Way to go all Dick Durbin on us, Pat. As though he's completely unaware that the term "take him out" has equated with "kill" in our common vernacular for decades. Unfortunately, we can simply roll the tape on the 700 Club show from Monday night and hear, in his own voice, Pat using the term "assassinate" loud and clear.

Sorry to both Pat's supporters and to the Left gleefully pointing to this incident with both hands, but this is just some clown with access to a microphone and a cable channel spouting off, not a leader of the GOP and the Right expounding on policy. Way too much effort going into a non-incident for my tastes.