Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Schmidt wins OH special election

My father-in-law was in town throughout much of last week and the weekend. He's a staunch Democrat and a well-read, fairly thoughtful kind of guy, so I enjoy discussing our given stances on things. He's far from the kind that toes his party line on every issue and so am I. We actually agree on a number of things and that tends to even out the things we disagree on. One of the topics of conversation was the Ohio special election wherein GOP candidate Jean Schmidt was running for Congress opposed by Paul Hackett for the Democrats. What made this an interesting race was Hackett's status as an Iraq War vet and his loud denunciation of President Bush's strategies and commentary on the war. He drew an awful lot of attention in his use of campaign ads featuring President Bush apparently endorsing him (Bush didn't, by the way.)

Well, the election's over and Schmidt won. I'm certain that there's going to be a whole lot of talking-head time on the tube going over her margin of victory, which was closer than her predecessor's races over his 12 years in office. I hope the returning Iraq war vets who are going to run for office as Republicans get the same amount of press.

Congrats, Representative Schmidt. Good luck in there.