Wednesday, August 03, 2005

UK Police policy hard on the toes

For our next example of political correctness and bending over backwards for the muslim community, I take you now to this report in the UK Sun (pointed out by The Moderate Voice.) According to the report, the police are being told they must remove their shoes prior to entering a muslim's home they are in the process of raiding. This, apparently, to show respect for person the police suspect of doing something that warrants their smashing the front door in to arrest.

So, the police need helmets to protect their heads, gloves to protect their hands, shoulder boards and vests to protect their torsos, and greaves to protect their knees and shins. Then, after all that, they must remove their shoes and engage in a forced incursion into a building. They go to all these lengths to protect themselves from injury and are then told they must remove the 1 article of protective gear that every citizen of the kingdom wears daily for protection of a fairly easy-to-injure body part. This makes sense?

The idiot who came up with these rules should be required to join in the next 30 days' worth of police raids and be in the vanguard of the incursion without his or her shoes on. After stomping on glass, nails, and debris from smashed doors and windows, let's see how their take is on whether the shoes should be a required part of the whole body armor thing.