Sunday, September 11, 2005

I will remember

It had already started by now, 4 years ago. As of this moment those on American Airlines flight 11 were already dead after terrorists had slammed their aircraft into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York as were those on United 175 which hit the South Tower. American Airlines 77 out of DC was in the air and turning toward the Pentagon under terrorist control. In less than 20 minutes, all those aboard would also be dead.

Advised of the situation, ordinary Americans going about their business would rise up against the terrorists on United flight 93 and deny them their prize at the cost of their own lives. Their story will be told tonite on the program "93: The Flight That Fought Back." I'm told it will be true to the best of all of our knowledge and respectful of those who died in that airborne battle.

Nothing has changed in my feelings about the war on terror from my post of last year on this day. With the revelations of the UN Oil-for-Food scandal, those of the 9/11 Commission ignoring evidence that the terrorists were identified before 9/11 and were meeting with foreign governments, and the constant reports from returning soldiers that the situation abroad in both Afghanistan and Iraq is more hopeful than we're being told I am less forgiving than ever of the ankle-biting, anti-soldier attitudes of many Americans today. The one thing that has changed in me this past year is the realization that some of those folks aren't going to be convinced because they are steadfastly refusing to be convinced regardless of what evidence may come.

The strategy is working. There are more free Arabs today, living in democracies where they have a voice that actually counts for something, than has existed in history. All of their citizens, men and women alike, have a better shot today at safe, happy, productive lives and that's something they didn't have 4 years ago. Places like Libya, Lebanon, and Egypt are undergoing their own spontaneous reforms - flawed as some of them may be - that were precipitated by the actions we and our Coalition allies have taken. We are safer today than we were 4 years ago because we are taking this fight to the terrorists whereever they are. I supported it when this started and I support today, as I remember the events that finally woke me up to the need.

Fortunately, there are people who get it and can write better than I can. On this day, I can ony ask that you remember those people who died that day at the hands of terrorists who care nothing for the lives and freedoms of others. They will not go away and they will not suddenly understand that we should be left in peace. I will not let the lessons learned that day be buried. I will remember.

Update: Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit has a good post and images we should all keep firmly in mind today.