Thursday, September 15, 2005

Iraqis know who the enemy is

...even if some of our fellow Americans don't. Gateway Pundit has the goods:

::::::::I received this email earlier today:

The following is my translation of a headline and article in the September 15 edition of the Iraqi Arab newspaper “Nahrain”

"Loyal Iraqi civilians arrest Terrorist in Al-Kademiah."

"A number of Iraqi loyal civilians arrested 4 terrorists who were trying to launch rockets to kill innocent people in the Al-Kademiah in the early afternoon (of wed Sept. 14).

After Al-Kademiah residents saw the terrorists preparing the rockets to be fired randomly at civilians they, over powered them, arrested them and confined them to a local house.

The civilian’s then called the Iraqi security forces who now have them in custody for questioning. This brave and heroic stance of the citizens of Al-Kademiah and their resolve to cooperate with Iraqi security forces in defeating terror and building a free, democratic Iraq free of criminals who want nothing but to kill Iraqis and return them to the dark days which buried the glow of freedom and democracy.

Join us to defeat terror by contacting one of these hot lines:

Baghdad 813-2426, 813-2429, or 07901737723, 07901737724, 07901737725, 07901737726,

07901737727 or send an email to"

My [e-mailer's] comments:

Progress towards the rule of law, freedom and democracy is unstoppable and is proliferating. You will notice that all we heard and read about are the terrorist attacks that were carried on the September 14, not the ones that were thwarted and defeated.


Haider Ajina
McKinleyville, CA

Also in this post is an exerpt and a link to a US Defense Department release regarding the status of operations in northern Iraq which, I'm betting, you haven't seen much of on the nightly news. You should go have a look.