Thursday, September 29, 2005

John Roberts confirmed as Chief Justice of Supreme Court

The US Senate has confirmed John Roberts as the new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court by a vote of 78-22. Pretty solid. Given Roberts' credentials, I can't figure out the reason to vote against him excepting idealogical in nature, but apparently 22 Senators found one.

Now for the real circus, we all waiting to see who gets nominated to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. It's pretty much a lock that if someone with even remotely conservative views on things - including a penchant for applying the Constitution as it's written to the law - will trigger a filibuster by the Democrats regardless of their signing an agreement to not filibuster on idealogical grounds. As I mentioned back when the Gang of 14 did their little number on judicial confirmations, nothing was solved by that agreement. It was just delayed for another day. Well, that day's here. Let's get on with it.