Saturday, September 24, 2005

Judge issue restraining order barring gun confiscations

I mentioned yesterday that the NRA and Second Amendment Foundation had filed a lawsuit to block the confiscation of guns by the New Orleans police department. It has fortunately not taken long to explain the unconstitutional nature of the confiscations to a federal judge. The restraining order has been issued effective immediately.

NRA spokesmen have noted that they believe there were about 100 people who had guns illegally siezed but the number is difficult to nail down since the cops failed to provide any paperwork when they grabbed the firearms. Does that sound like a government who has any intention of giving those gus back? Not to me, and I don't think anyone can reasonably make an argument that it implies anything but that the cops intended to keep those guns. The next step should be for those people who had guns illegally confiscated to sue the police chief, the mayor, and (if she was involved in any way) the governor. At least there won't be any more people joining them.