Monday, September 26, 2005

Poland's elections

Poland's voters have apparently had quite enough of their ex-communist government officials and have voted to put 2 of their center-right parties in charge. The high unemployment there (17%) and various scandals have all combined to see to the ouster of the current government and the introduction of one that has promised to do something about both categories of problems.

Of course, what would a story like this be without referencing Poland's rather prominent position in the Coalition in Iraq? The new government has said that they might be willing to keep their troops in Iraq longer than the December 31 deadline the previous government had declared. I'm glad they'll consider it. Let's see what happens after Iraq's electorate has a say on their constitution and go from there. While it was important for our media to ask (and I'm sure for some of our citizenry as well) it seems the issue barely got mention during the campaign season there. Domestic issues were at the forefront and those are the issue that the leftists got smacked around over.

It's a shame Chrenkoff's not writing any more. As a Polish expatriate living in Australia, I'd have love to have heard his comments on this.