Friday, September 09, 2005

Responsibility as a citizen: are you prepared? Updated

Interesting op-ed piece in the Washington Times this morning is titled "Malfeasance of citizenship."

::::::::In assessing the events on our Gulf Coast over the past fortnight it is necessary to note that thousands of Americans in News Orleans showed almost no sense of self-reliance and personal responsibility. Some, of course, were sick, infirm or otherwise helpless. But many were not. This malfeasance of citizenship is as damaging as the failures of government officials, and rectification is just as crucial.::::::::

In the wake of 9/11 I prepared my family with some capability for self-reliance. I took the Department of Homeland Security's suggestion to lay in enough supplies to provide for ourselves in every respect for 3 days. Have you?

Update: I've been thinking about this today a lot and I want to make 1 counter comment. It's not fair to automatically assume that everyone who was sheltering at the Superdome had taken no action to provide for themselves. It might have been a situation where their emergency supplies were located at their homes and they were unable to transport them to the Dome when they went there. I don't know of any specific instance where that's true, but it's a possibility and I wanted to say so.